Less is More

The above is often said in reference to many things: fashion, food, home decor. I can’t help but think the currently popular Tiny House movement was born directly from these three words.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these minuscule dwellings and their prospective owners. Often young, idealistic couples craving a simpler life unencumbered by unnecessary belongings. The idea is that living with less physical bad stuff gives you more emotional good stuff.

I often watch these shows and am left wanting to see a follow up a year or two down the road. How many of these people stick with the lifestyle (especially those with children or larger pets)? Do they now view it as an interesting, but temporary, experiment or have they committed and made “tiny living” their life?

How many divorces or separations have Tiny Houses caused?

I’ve taken a lesson and inspiration from the idea of living with less. I’ve recently been paring down my belongings in an attempt to have only what I love, use, or need. I’ve found that having too much stuff has lead to a feeling of stagnation, of being overwhelmed, and even some sadness. This year, I’m working on shifting energy and on opening up space in my life to let the good in.

It feels good to release things that no longer serve me and to let go of the negative energy attached to them. It amazes me what I’ve held onto and for how long. Why have I considered these things necessary or, worse yet, why have I not considered them at all for years? Why was I holding on to books that I read once and hated? Why was the back of my closet filled with clothes that feel like costumes now that I have a clearer sense of my personal style? Why, why, why, was my bathroom stuffed with cosmetics products that could possibly be classified as biohazards due to their advanced age?

I’m not sure I have a good answer to these questions. At least, not one that I could come up with without the necessary introspection and questioning. I can say that all of the above mentioned things are now out of the house and have been regifted, donated, or disposed of as appropriate.

It feels good. My small (though not technically tiny) house feels brighter, more open, and nicer to be in. I feel brighter and more receptive to what the world brings my way. Maybe there is something to this living with less thing.

But I still want to see Tiny House two year follow ups.

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